After further discussion on our topic of bentonite, I would like to look at the volcanic ash layer and make a stratigraphic column of a few layers below and above the bentonite. More research will be conducted to compare what is found at the Lee’s Ferry site and what is found in a neighboring region, as suggested by Jefferson Chang. Samples will be brought back to the lab for analysis after the spring break trip. Based on photos that I have found through research, it appears the layers will exposed very well. Another aspect that I will be focusing on heavily will be the fossils found in the sampling site compared to other regions and the environments.


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  1. It’s good to see that you and Katherine found a project that incorporates both your interests. Just from a quick Google I found this USGS paper from 1963 that I found has some nice information in it.

    FYI if you search “bentonite layers: lees ferry” your blog is the first thing found.

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