photo: The Chinle Formation generally forms colorful talus slopes below Wingate cliffs.

Bentonite is one of the distinctive layers found in the Chinle formation. The layers stand out due to their coloring, which makes them more unique ( NPS ). The bentonitic is a clay layer of volcanic ash that was deposited during the Chinle formation about 250 Ma, but there are stronger evidence to show that it is found in the Petrified Wood Member and Blue Mesa Member, as well as more research currently being conducted to find out more locations (NPS, Blue Mesa). According to the information found from Blue Mesa, there is evidence of fossils in the Chinle formation, but they are not present in the benonite layers in Arizona where their research was conducted. I would like to investigate more research and look into samples at the Lee’s Ferry site to compare. In any case researching all possible angles this topic will help us compare the benonite at the Lee’s Ferry site and at other specified sites that have been previously studied.



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