Weather sattelite Meteosat 10 has taken an image of the meteriote shortly after entering the atmosphere.(Copyright 2013 © EUMETSAT)


There is news that an asteroid will just barely miss earth in the coming day, but now a meteorite has hit Earth! The meteorite hit in Russia February 15 and is responsible for injuring up to 500 people and a majority of those were sent to the hospital (MET , SITE). Even though there are objects that do make it through Earth’s atmosphere from space they are usually extremely small by the time they land.

Scientists have begun taking samples were individuals think they meteorite may have fallen. The one major site that is being investigated is an ice hole that is six meters in diameter and shows signs of alteration from what could be a meteorite (SITE). Scientists are stating that is was moving near 30km/s and that it could be related to the asterioid, but more information is still coming in to determine all the specifics (SITE).

Still from YouTube video/fed potapow


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