Back from Lee’s Ferry and Spring Break is over… The project that I have been researching about bentonite in the Chinle formation was much different than I imagined. I was hoping to sample over a larger area, however, my partner and I were able to collect sample along a trail in areas we had not anticipated looking at. At the top of the trail we believe may be the Petrified Forest Member within the Chinle formation, which was our first station of samples. I am hoping to see different variations in those samples compared to the other samples we collected near the Chinle and Debri Flow contact and samples closer to the Paria River. I was also able to sample all the different color bands found in the formation we mapped to identify differences. Overall, the research is going smoothly and the stations for sampling in the field provided interesting results. One of the most interesting results was there was highly consolidated material imbedded within unconsolidated material. The material had a distinct color change and I believe may be a different material. SEM anaylsis is scheduled soon, but in the meantime other analysis will be done.There is one paper in particular that will be perfect for direct comparison of our site. And I will add a location from outside the area we were for more comparison. 


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